The Stone that the Builder Refused by Madison Smartt Bell: The last book in the series about Toussaint Louverture and the revolution in Haiti. Of course by then it was less of a revolution anymore but open defiance against France to protect their liberty. Which was necessary because Charles Leclerc had a hidden agenda after all. It took me a long time to read all three books but it was well worth my time since this is a chapter in history that has bypassed me before.


The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell: What a weird book in a fantastic way. The first 200 pages I didn’t give it enough attention which I regret immensely. But I was also reading the book above and I notice more and more that I should concentrate on one at the time. The Bone Clocks starts out with Holly Skykes in the 1980s and finishes in 2043. I loved that it was a mixture of fantasy and a very believable outlook in our future. Different characters come and go but all are connected and unique in their ways. Fabulous story!


Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George: Finally Elizabeth George is getting back to her old standards. After three quite boring books following the death of one of the main characters she is finding her footing again. Inspector Linley and Havers are back in form but the story develops in too many directions. There is no murder but a lot of other human abysses that the book dives into. Still, I am happy about the Linley story and have great hopes for the next one.


Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan: Just loved it, what a fun and entertaining read. Alone the descriptions of the Singapore food made my mouth water, but it were the hilarious over the top antics of the ‘crazy rich Asians’ that made this book such a pleasure to read. Really worth your time.



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