Gasthaus Stafler

If you follow my blog long enough you know that once a year I spend a weekend in Tuscany. Always at the same place, always with the same crowd. What makes this group so special is that we not only vacation once a year together but that we also meet on a regular basis for dinner. Last time it was my turn to invite.

I decided on a South Tyrolean restaurant with an original interior (don’t ask me from which period but it looks old). Since the place is close to my office I knew what to expect and was looking very much forward to it. About a year ago the restaurant closed down for lunch and since then my office feels the absence of this amazing lunch choice (and we still grieve, trust me on this).

Gasthaus Stafler might not have the best web presence nor an up-to-date website but the food is good old-fashioned home cooking at its best! And isn’t that what really counts when you go to a restaurant?

The restaurant looked exactly the same inside as I remembered, the only thing that had changed was the kitchen standard. It was not up to par, everything was just a little bit off. You cannot imagine my disappointment. When we left the mystery of the anticlimactic (this is complaining at a really high level) kitchen performance was solved. The owner who usually mans the kitchen just had an operation and was currently staying home.

My lentil soup was bland and benefited only from the lime foam from which it would have needed a tad more. The typical “South Tyrolean Kasnocken“, three cheese dumplings, lacked cheese and one of the dumplings was just a different sort of dumpling. And these were just the dishes I had; what I tasted around the table was all good but not great.

Since I know what culinary highlights can leave this kitchen I will definitely go back again and give them another chance. I really hope once the chef is back in his kitchen full flavored dishes will leave his stove again. Yours, Pollybert

Gasthaus Stafler
1120 Wien, Ehrenfelsgasse 4
Tel: 0699/121 77 879 oder 01/815 62 35
Tue-Sat: 11:45-14:15 and 18:00 bis 21:30


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