Off to Zagreb 

Once my first month of work had passed I needed to book a weekend away. Being back home with nothing to look forward to was not working for me. So I looked around what was in my vicinity that I could reach within a weekend and also had not visited so far. There is not a lot left which is probably also not true. Anyway, my choice fell on Zagreb.

Zagreb is easily reachable by bus and even better there is a direct one from Vienna. The Eurolines leave everyday at 8am and all it takes is a 5hour drive and you are in another country. Okay it’s true you can have that for less from Vienna, Bratislava for example is only an hour away. But Zagreb has the flair of the South because it is actually to the South of Austria. So I am heading there for the long weekend (we have a national holiday on Monday) and will make the most of my two days alone in the city. Yours, Pollybert 

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