La Pasteria

Right across from the Servite Church in the 9th district is a small Italian restaurant called La Pasteria. Usually without a reservation you won’t get a table but on this Tuesday we tried it nonetheless. Our first choice, the newly opened restaurant Kiang Wine & Dine, was closed despite differently announced opening times. Even better than that La Pasteria had a table available at this early hour (I really recommend to call ahead).

With a glass of rosé Prosecco we started on the amuse gueule, a slice of burrata with a sun-dried tomato, a caper and one heavenly tasty olive, served with still warm olive bread and foccacia (at least I think so; anyway it was some white bread which next to the olive bread tasted boring).

rosé prosecco @La Pasteria

burrata withsun-dried tomato, caper and olive @La Pasteria

For a starter we had the Neapolitan fish soup and the home-made antipasti misti with a variety of fish specialties. The soup looked fantastic with its rich red color and texture, large chunks of fish and a slightly spicy aroma. The antipasti was good, the fish variety sparingly though and the zucchini bland.

fish soup @La Pasteria

antipasti misti with fish @La Pasteria

As main course my friend had the ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta topped with two thick sirloin slices grilled to perfection while I chose the tagliolini with veal liver and porcini. My friend raved again about her dish whereas I bemoaned the fact that the sun-dried tomatoes and the olives overpowered the taste of the porcini. Also the liver was perfectly seared with a hint of pink still visible but some pieces were a bit too chewy.

ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta and two slices of sirloin steak @La Pasteria

veal liver with porcini, sun-dried tomatoes and olives with tagliolini @La Pasteria

The recommended wine though accompanied the dinner pleasantly and service was impeccable. About to leave the restaurant we received a glass of grappa which rounded the evening perfectly off. Yours, Pollybert

La Pasteria
Alimentari, Ristorante & Bar
Servitengasse 10
A-1090 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 310 27 36
Mo.–Fr. 11:00–23:00


  1. I LOVE la Pasteria – without it I could never have guests ;-)

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