More eating out in Edinburgh

All the fresh air and the whisky tasting already in morning served us well to work up an appetite for our dinner reservation on Sunday evening. The table at Angles with Bagpipes had already been booked in Vienna and we were looking forward to a really good meal. Especially after the disappointing pub food the day before.

Angels with Bagpipes was all we expected and so much more. Andrea made us order her favorite starters which we all shared. At least the main course we were allowed to choose ourselves and only had to hand over a bite for tasting. this sounds worse than it was because then of course I could try everything. Each and every dish was amazing, including the cheese and the desserts. Please enjoy the pictures, my mouth waters just looking at them (as usual one little critique: black plates do nothing for a dish!).

menu @Angels with Bagpipes

Smoked Salmon @Angels with Bagpipes

Beef Tartar @Angels with Bagpipes

Haggis @Angels with Bagpipes

Rabbit @Angels with Bagpipes

Lamb @Angels with Bagpipes

Venison @Angels with Bagpipes

Cheese selection @Angels with Bagpipes

Lime Tart @Angels with Bagpipes

Cheesecake @Angels with Bagpipes

On our last day we had one more memorable meal. Again we skipped breakfast and went on our cultural tour instead. So with refreshed appetite we had lunch at Howies which appeared to be a chain (we met for the whisky tasting at the Waterloo location). Surprisingly the food was wonderful too. Not as smart as the day before but with a lovely home-made taste and really fresh ingredients. We took each a starter and a main dish and then shared a dessert which was the only disappointing dish. It was just too rich with all the cream on top and not enough caramel and bananas for my taste.

Food wise Scotland was inspiration, on the whisky i still have to work. So much that I tried was delicious and there is so much more still to discover. I really have to go back again. Yours, Pollybert

Cullen skink @Howies Edinburgh

mussels @Howies Edinburgh

tomato soup @Howies Edinburgh

Salmon with beans @Howies Edinburgh

Burger @Howies Edinburgh

Banoffee Pie @Howies Edinburgh

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