Es gibt Reis

Not the easiest place to get a table but once you know that you reserve ahead of time. Es gibt Reis had really good reviews about it’s Asian cooking and very enticing pictures on its Facebook page, so it was time for me to go there and try it myself. Not that traveling in Asia made me an expert but I think I know how it should taste.

We didn’t reserve in time and were lucky to get  seats at the bar (exactly four available). The restaurant consists of one dining room which is small and seats about 25 or so and a bar area with space for said four people. The atmosphere is more of a student place with the bare walls and loudish music (possibly because the speaker was right behind us). The minimal concept is fine with me when the focus is on the food, which is here definitely happening.

The menu is short and just offers a couple of dishes. One of us had the tamarind soup that tasted almost as good as in Bangkok, while the other tried a salad with egg and I had lap with a fried egg. Everything was tasty, mine was actually pretty great and all dishes were fresh and authentic. I think the salad was value-wise the worst deal but that’s a small complaint. If you are into Asian food that tastes like in Asia (traveling in the region didn’t make me an expert but…), then this is the place to go. Just call ahead and book a table. Yours, Pollybert

Es gibt Reis
1080 Wien, Piaristengasse 15
Tel: 01 8905587
Mo-Thu: 11:30-23:00
Fr-Sat: 11:30-24:00

dining room @Es gibt Reis

bar area @Es gibt Reis

Tamarind soup @Es gibt Reis

salad with egg @Es gibt Reis

Lap with rice @Es gibt Reis

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