Reached by Ally Condie: The last part of the Matched series and it ends like it began, quite unspectacular. I liked though that there was another interesting component (a virus that mutates) which appears unpredictable and gives the story a bit more twist. In the end a lot is tied up neatly with a bow; thankfully the author didn’t make the ending too American so there is still a bit in the open.


A History of Scotland by Neil Oliver: If you are interested in history then Neil Oliver is the author to go to (for all things up North). He brings history alive in a vivid and colorful way. Too bad that I only bought this book while in Edinburgh and not before, it would have brought the already amazing experience to another level. But I am glad that I bought a second book from him while there. And just saw that he also has novel out.


Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe: Somewhere in Africa in a remote tribal village the great warrior Okonkwe accidentally kills a man and from there on everything goes downhill. Not just for him personally but also for the village with the arrival of missionaries. The lethal consequences of colonization told from the African point of view. And while I can see some advantages (eg. twins were left to die in the evil forest due to them being abominations) the cultural loss is devastating.


No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe: Part two of the African trilogy which started with “Things fall apart”. The book concentrates again on a member of the Okonkwe family. This time the young African gets an English eduction and becomes part of the ruling system in his native country. Although he abhors the corruption which is part of every day life, he succumbs to it as well. A very interesting read.


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