Mamamon Thai Eatery

When I read a review about a new Thai place in town I couldn’t help myself, at the next possible chance I had to go and try it myself. Mamamon already has an established circle of followers since in summer it has a BBQ stall at the Donaukanal. Now it also serves an authentic food in winter in a small eatery in the 8th district.

The restaurant consists of one room which includes the kitchen. In it you find a large communal table which seats six to eight people and another couple of seats around the windows. The menu is written on a large mirror next to the entrance and the daily special announced on a board outside.

all in one @Mamamon Thai Eatery

menu @Mamamon Thai Eatery

The simplicity and basic setting convinced me that this is one of the more authentic places in Vienna. I settled down in a window seat and ordered the daily special of red curry chicken. In no time there was a small bowl in front of me, filled with some kind of purple rice and divine smelling curry. Most of the sauce had pooled underneath the rice but with some deft handling of the chop sticks getting to it (including the rice of course) was not a problem. The curry was good, home-made and fresh. The right kind of spicy with no need to ask for some extra chillies.

red curry @Mamamon Thai Eatery

The portions overall didn’t seem big, prices appear to be at the higher end compared to what you get and the place is definitely more some for spontaneous visits than planned ones due to the size. Nonetheless it’s great to have another choice for authentic Thai food in Vienna, definitely worth a visit. Yours, Pollybert

Mamamon Thai Eatery
1080 Wien, Albertgasse 15
Phone: 01 9423155
Mo-Fr: 11:30-21:30, Sat: 12-21:30

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