IKO Kitchen & Bar

Right next to the old city hall you will find this open-kitchen restaurant; which already tells you the obvious. Don’t have any plans for after because you will leave with all the kitchen odors.

open kitchen concept @IKO Kitchen & Bar

That withstanding you will have a good time and taste some amazing food. The girls and I tried as many dishes as possible and had some outstanding experiences.

with my friends @IKO Kitchen & Bar

We started with some seafood balls from the daily menu as well as edamame, radish salad and grilled beef with cheese. The balls were crispy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside. Excellently spiced and the arugula garnish worked well with them. I didn’t try the radish but the edamame were shared by all of us and the beef was tender and juicy.

starters @IKO Kitchen & Bar

grilled beef @IKO Kitchen & Bar

The kimchi from the daily menu which I had as main dish was almost as good as in Beijing which really says a lot about this kitchen. The spicy tuna roll balanced the spice with the sweetness of the tuna perfectly and the seafood pancake was a novelty to me. It had an interesting texture with more than just a hint of cinnamon and enough seafood in it to turn this starter into a main dish.

Kimchi @IKO Kitchen & Bar

spicy tuna roll @IKO Kitchen & Bar

seafood pancake @IKO Kitchen & Bar

Portions overall are generous while drinks are small and overpriced. The typical Austrian spritzer was excellent but didn’t have the standard size. Service was attentive and very friendly, the food took its time no matter how many people (or few) were in the restaurant. All in all a place worth frequenting. Yours, Pollybert

IKO Kitchen & Bar
1010 Wien, Wipplingerstrasse 6
Phone: +43/ 1 890 4200
Mo-Fr: 11-22:00, Sat: 12-22:00

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