This corner of the Praterstrasse already boasts two wonderful restaurants and now since April a third one. So a couple of weeks ago I was there to try this much talked place and to see if all the good reviews were right. I went back twice, once again for dinner and another time for breakfast. And this is where the problem lies. Bottom-line, I cannot agree with the reviews in all points.

But let’s start from the beginning. The garden of the Ramasuri is really nice to sit in probably because this part of the Praterstrasse is very quiet and doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Inside though the lamps provide a problem. They heat up so much that the air feels stuffy and overly warm especially on an already warm summer evening when the garden closes at 10:30pm. But also on a windy morning when it is too cold to sit outside, the restaurant inside is almost too warm. This could also come from the fact that the tables are so close together that one can almost inspect the stomach content of its neighbor.

Food the first time around was overall mostly great. The cold cauliflower soup was amazing while the beef trarar used too much sweet pepper not only in the ice-cream but also on the beef. The “Paradeiser” (tomato) was a fool-proof combination and worked well while the “Ox in the garden” (yellow and green zucchini, roast beef, roasted artichoke cream and radicchio) would have need just a little bit of zing. It was just on the boring side of bland.

koide Supp ́n @Ramasuri Wien

der Paradeiser @Ramasuri Wien

der Ochse im Garten @Ramasuri Wien

The main dishes fared a lot better and got great remarks all around. The fried chicken was juicy (never mind the color of the potato salad) as was the “Chicken in the Hay” which I thought looked boring but was more than well received. I chose the catfish hamburger on mashed peas with potatoes and it was super delish!

Backhenderl „neu Wien“ @Ramasuri Wien

Huhn im Heu @Ramasuri Wien

Butterschnitzerl vom Wels @Ramasuri Wien

Also delicious was the stuffed pepper with quinoa on chunky tomato sauce and salad. The pepper was hidden by all the salad and there was lots of sauce.

Spitz auf Paprika @Ramasuri Wien

So a week later when I came back I ordered the same dish because I wanted something warm but also light.

Spitz auf Paprika @Ramasuri Wien

It looked like a different dish and the tomatoes were few and in between. It tasted okay though.

For dessert we tried both available choices, the rice pudding and the “Apfelstrudel Ramasuri”. The apple strudel was a mess, exactly as the name indicated (Ramasuri means chaos) but tasted yummy. While the rice pudding was too thick and compact in its consistency and therefore overall too much. The accompanying raspberry ice-cream was heavenly on the other hand.

Apfelstrudel Ramasuri @Ramasuri Wien

Reis Trautmannsdorf @Ramasuri Wien

To round-up my impressions of the place I went back the next day for breakfast and this I shouldn’t have done. Already the evening before I found it weird that we had to pay at already 30 minutes before the garden closed. And then at the bar we also had to pay at 11pm when the restaurant only closes at 11:30pm (and the website tells you that it is open until midnight). Plus there was almost nobody left. So what was the rush?

That evening we also noticed how warm the place became due to the lamps and how stuffy it felt. Which didn’t get better the next day when the place was packed and we were all seated like sardines in a can. But I need to try the breakfast since they offer three kinds of Eggs Benedict. I love them and they are my favorite guilty pleasure in the morning. I asked if I could mix the Eggs Benedict and Florentine (with spinach instead of ham) but this was not possible so I opted for the ham. What I got was not Eggs Bendict at all because the Sauce Hollandaise had disappeared (kind of). It got mixed up with the cooking water of the eggs and I find it unbelievable that something like this soupy thing could even leave the kitchen. Especially since it still got decorated with chives.

Eggs Benedict @Ramasuri Wien

Please click here to see how other testers got it served. My friend meanwhile got the standard breakfast with a soft-boiled egg, a roll and a slice of bread, assorted jam and butter. The butter had already melted in some places when it arrived at the table while the egg was on the shorter of the three minutes and way too runny. Also the bread had the pre-cut texture and felt dry.

„Marmeladinger” @Ramasuri Wien

Overall the breakfast was a disappointment, made worse by how the complaint was handled in that it was ignored twice and only later, after we had paid, a coffee was offered for the inconvenience. By that time I was already on my way out and couldn’t be bothered anymore. So while dinner the first time around was quite a pleasant experience with great service, it disenthraled the second and third time around. The inconsistencies of the kitchen need to be straightened out maybe then I will go again. And please also get rid of the shoe line-up in front of the kitchen! Yours, Pollybert

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Mobil: +43 676 466 80 60
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Mo-Sat: 8:00-24:00

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