Lakka again

After an almost sleepless night (no breeze and hot temperatures in the cottage and Andrea who was always cold and was not happy with the fan) for me, we woke up to do another workout and then had again coffee in the garden. So well deserved after sweating and being sporty early in the morning. We then decided on going to the port to check on a boat that could take us to the Blue Caves (the other interesting rock formation here on the island). But no trip was planned for today only tomorrow (and that was depending on the weather) according to Capitain Yiannis, so we went to our coffee place at the water front and got fresh OJ and more coffee.

Port of Gaios @Paxos

In the end we decided on taking the 10:30 bus to Lakka again. Since the restaurant in Lakka was the best on the island, we had planed another trip here anyway, now we were just making it a day early. When we arrived, there was no more walking around the village. We already knew there was nothing to see so we headed directly to the beach, got our sun beds and settled down for the day. I dozed a bit and then it was already time for lunch. Sounds like at work where lunch is the most important part of the day!

Back at Paxoimadi we ordered this time wine (and water) plus I was allowed to choose what we would try today. Always a bad idea since I usually order more than I can eat but so generous of Andrea. So we tried the Greek salad, marinated anchovies, taramasalata, red beet salad with yoghurt and walnuts and mussels saganaki (with feta and tomatoes). It was so delicious, unbelievable again. A feast for the eyes and the senses. The anchovies were a tad firm but the rest was just perfect. The red beet salad so simple and easy, great idea to try at home while the mussels were rich and creamy. I was super happy to share everything as usual, the portions would have been too big to eat alone (and we didn’t finish the taramasalata).

lunch at Paxoimadi @Lakka

lunch at Paxoimadi @Lakka

lunch at Paxoimadi @Lakka

Pollybert after lunch @Lakka

We ordered one more glass of wine to share but got instead another half liter on the house. The owners were not just great cooks but also great hosts. They were probably also happy that we were enthusiastic about their food.

With so much to eat we went back to our sun beds and slept for most of the afternoon. As much as I enjoy the eating part, afterwards I can feel like a stranded whale. Not the best of conditions.

sun bathing in the shade @Paxos

We headed back on the last bus into Gaios (okay there are only three buses so last one sounds pretentious) and spent a lazy evening in the garden while getting ready for the rest of the evening. Already sated beyond limits there was not much more we wanted except some ouzo in our favorite bar.

But with two ouzo under our belt we went shopping and with the work-out comes the appetite. So we sat down for another bite to eat, bruschetta and fried zucchini. The restaurant was right next to our bar and while the food was okay, it was not great. After this late night snack we went home, totally stuffed and not up for anything anymore. So no more party for us. Yours, Pollybert

begging cats @Gaios

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