Milchbart – permanently closed

As I have said often before, lunch has to make me happy. When you spend the whole day scooped up inside an office there is nothing better than going for a short walk and get something great to eat. Milchbart (only Facebook page) provides this happy feeling whenever we go there. Sometimes the menu comes as a surprise because only after the lunch crowd has left, will the chef find the time to post on Facebook the dish of the day.

It doesn’t matter since without fail everything I have eaten here was delicious, hence its own review. Nowadays I go a little later for lunch since the place offers no more than eight seats and they fill up quickly around noon. But if you go at 1pm there is always at least a table to share. Service is super friendly and after a while it feels familiar. There are only two people anyway, one in the kitchen and one in front.

Everything tastes home made and cooked from scratch. Often times the combinations astonish me, they seem unlikely paired but oh, how well they work together. There is magic happening in this little kitchen and since Milchbart opened the Meidlinger Markt (geat review from Die Presse) appears to be revived. Go and be surprised! Yours, Pollybert

1120 Wien, Meidlinger Markt 6-8
Phone: 068120461044
Tue-Sat: depending on the weather and the chef

inside Milchbart

inside Milchbart


pike-perch with mashed potatoes, red cabbage and possible orange pumpkin cream

red onion soup with cheese toast

pike-perch with mashed beans and creamy spinach with Thai basil

sweet potato soup with black sesame

oven-baked celery with falaffel, avocado cream, black nuts and feta

pink sauerkraut with savory dumpling, one half with meat the other with fish

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