What I learned on Paxos

Another standard feature after a vacation and done now already numerous times (for other posts of “What I learned in …” please click here or here), here is what I learned on Paxos:

1.) I really prefer the Greek isles where you have to go by ferry to the ones with an airport. Less tourists, less hassle.

2.) The Italian influence on the Ionian isles comes from Venetian rule over the islands from the medieval times to the 17th century.

3.) It actually makes sense to ask these questions on postcard because my all-knowing brother gave me the answers once I was back.

4.) Writing postcards takes about 30 minutes (if you write about ten), hearing back from friends and family is priceless.

5.) The only difference between a hotel and a cottage on vacation is that at the latter place you have to make your own coffee. The time sitting in front of it is about the same.

6.) Seeing all these amazing yachts in the harbour made me want to go on a cruise. I just have to think about with whom I want to spend a week in such confined space.


7.) A rocky beach is not for me.

8.) Daily workout while on vacation just helps with the conscience. It’s sadly too late for the bikini figure.

9.) This tiny figure on top of Tripitos is yours truly, the one and only Pollybert. The older I get the more I notice that if I have to sweat to achieve something it is so much more worthwhile.

10.) Every island is different but altogether it is Greece and therefore amazing!


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