Leaving for Flanders

After my trip last year I promised myself that I would travel as often as possible this year, maybe even once a month. So far I have not achieved that but I am happy with myself. Since my last trip on my own was already in February, it was time to go on the road again! I left the office shortly after lunch to give myself ample time at the train station to buy some toiletries and also get a snack for the flight. I didn’t expect to get fed on the plane and of course I was right. At least I had my new water bottle with me, so no need to buy any water for the time being (thanks Susi).

With quite bit of a puffer I arrived at the airport, got through security and then sat down for coffee. This is where vacation starts when all is done. It felt good to relax and just read my book. The trip itself then was a bit awful since the spawn of devil sat across from me and his only talking mode was YELLING. Funnily enough his mother didn’t say anything, she was probably already deaf.

I arrived in Brussels with my eardrums intact and in no time was on the train to Bruges. I had wanted to take the direct one at first but with a 30 minute earlier arrival the connecting train won.

train station @Brussels

Changing in Brussels Midi was easy with the help of a young man. It was so long ago already that I was traveling on my own that I had to rely on other people to get directions. In any case the answer was helpful and I soon sat on the right train. Understandable directions (in the way of “turn left and right” instead of “north and south”) from the hostel made sure I found it in one go once I arrived in Bruges. Already the short walk to it left me speechless how beautiful this city was.

I checked into my room and then went downstairs for my first Belgian beer. Nothing screams holiday more than a happy hour. The choice of beer available could only be managed with help from the bartender. How should I know what I want? In that case I started with a local one from Bruges.

With a beer under my belt and a conversation with an American sex teacher, who I couldn’t pin down as either male or female (breasts but a goatee and isn’t that exactly the right person to teach this subject? There is hope for this world indeed) I left the friendly bar in search of sustenance.

I walked outside and followed the towers that I could see from afar. According to the map they would be at the center which I reached in about 3 minutes. Excellent location again with the hostel.

Getting a first impression of Brugge I eventually settled on the Bistro ‘t Klein Genoegen. It looked enticing and was full to capacity (the place across the street was empty on the other hand). So like a good lemming I went where everyone went.

They had one table available and it was mine. To try as much as possible I settled on the menu which was also the best deal. Going out is not really a bargain in Belgium. My meal started with an amuse gueule of crisps, melon with prosciutto and soup shout and a glass of cava. Once the waiter cleared the wooden board I noticed behind the crisps a small sausage. Too late for that now.

As an appetizer I chose the fish soup with mussels and shrimps. Taste wise an excellent choice but due to the bread and the rouille served with it I was already full.

The rib eye steak with Belgian fries that came as my main dish I could only look at and try. I didn’t really make great inroads here. To be honest it was okay but not more.

At least dessert was lovely again, a pineapple carpaccio with vanilla ice cream. Exactly the right size and with a lovely refreshing taste.

After dinner I rolled home and then had more beer in the hostel bar. The party was in full swing and I wanted to enjoy my first evening traveling again. Yours, Pollybert

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