Arriving in Ghent

I really have to compliment the Belgian train service, it’s excellent! There is a train almost every 15 minutes to wherever you want to go and even with retrieving my luggage in Bruges, I made the trip to Ghent in a good hour. The directions to the next hostel were also easy to follow except that the word “brugh” sounded like Burg (castle) to me (okay, so I read it sloppy) and not like bridge (which it actually does sound like) and I walked in the wrong direction at first. Something I am used to anyways and it gave me some first impressions of the city. Still, downtown Ghent is easily to navigate and a bit later I checked in at the Uppelink Hostel.

Saint Nicholas’ Church @Ghent

Belfry of Ghent

view on Saint Nicholas’ Church @Ghent

After a quick shower I was ready to explore more of Ghent. The whole city was out since here was another festival going on. So lovely to walk around and see so much life in the streets. Click here to listen to a short piano concert with kids climbing above and beside the player. The city had a grander feel to it than Bruges, there were big side walks next to the canals and the best part, they have a real castle right downtown! So great!

the canals of Ghent

the streets of Ghent

the canals of Ghent

Gravensteen @Ghent

There was also a festival going on in Ghent. Really would like to know what was celebrated everywhere in Flanders that weekend. In any case it was amazing to see so many people milling about and enjoying themselves in the streets.There was music coming from speakers all over and beer seemed to be the staple drink here.


festival in Ghent

festival in Ghent

Eventually I stopped for dinner right in the festival zone at the De Acht Zaligheden. There was a table available outside and I wanted to sit in the middle of it all. Even though the shoes were my main view I could see everything else that was going on too. I ordered the menu since it was the best deal and was quite happy with it. The mussels were a bit sandy though, really don#t understand why they couldn’t be better washed like in Bruges.

dinner in Ghent


dinner at De Acht Zaligheden @Ghent

fried cheese ball @Ghent

mussels in Ghent

small crème brûlée in Ghent


Since the night was warm and the festival atmosphere so enticing, I walked around for a while after dinner to revel with the locals. Yours, Pollybert

night life in Ghent

the streets at night in Ghent

the streets at night in Ghent

the streets at night in Ghent


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