Back in Scotland 

When I traveled to Edinburgh in January I swore myself that I would go back to see the highlands. Later on I was reading ‘The history of Scotland’ from Neil Oliver while watching his series to this topic at the same time and just wanted to go there so badly. Lucky me, at dinner one evening I told friends about my wish and just a short while late we booked a flight to Edinburgh.

So here I go again, this time with different companions.

My travel companions

My travel companions

With Brussels Airlines (no free drinks here) to go there we arrived in Edinburgh at 10pm, got our rental car and drove to Rosslyn (and yes I know it’s not in the highlands) for our first night on Scottish soil.

Arriving in Edinburgh

The drive to Rosslyn, about 20 minutes from the airport, turned out to be way more exciting than expected because once we sat in the car the navigation system didn’t work. So after 10 minutes I ran back inside and asked for a map and directions.

Armed with a Google maps print out and right-right-left directions we started.  But roughly 10 minutes later we ended in the city and not on the Bypass. I noticed that because after passing the Airlink first, we also passed the street where I stayed last time.

Turning around we almost drove all the way back to the airport. Eventually we found the Bypass but took it promptly in the wrong direction. At least this we noticed almost immediately and then turned around in the right direction. Once on the Bypass I noticed that the navigation system had come back to live and with only one small hitch we finally managed to arrive at the Chapel Cross guest house shortly after midnight. So that was that with the beer. Yours, Pollybert

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