What I learned in Flanders

Visiting new places means getting new experiences. After a wonderful weekend in Flanders, here is what I learned there (for other posts click here and here):

1.) Coffee is not served with a glass of water in the side. When I asked for one, I got a bottle offered. When I asked specifically for tap water, I was told they don’t have it ;)

2.) Belgians are very friendly and helpful. Ask one person and everyone around will get involved and tell you what to do.

3.) I assume these urinals were just there for the festival. Still, great design!

urinals on the streets of Bruges

4.) The order of an Espresso was always met with the question “short or long”? As far as I know there is a standard size, but please enlighten me.

5.) The waffles looked better than they tasted. They were so crunchy they bordered on being dry.

6.) My experiments with different beers didn’t fare well. In the end I always ordered a blonde one.

7.) Loved the kiss and ride zones at the train stations. Too bad that I was always arriving on foot.

8.) I love going on a free walking tour. Best way to discover a new city!

9.) Even though Belgium is famed for its mussels or moules-frites as they are better known, they were a bit disappointing with their extra “crunch”. Really wish they would have been better cleaned and rinsed.

10.) Always order the menu, you will have the same dishes at better value.

10.) Belgians are party people.

11.) Public transport works like a charm! No car needed in this country!

12.) There are not only tourist boats on these canals. would have loved to go on a ride!

13.) Every country that borders the sea should count its blessings! Just being on a beach even though it was too cold to swim (for me) gave me a vacation feeling.

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