Arriving on Paros

Going to Paros proved to be fairly easy. We left the hotel, Paola’s town, in the morning and got a lift to the new port in Mykonos. This took all of ten minutes and then what? As we had learned the last time, the ferry in Greece is alway late. So we settled down next to the only available source for coffee. Once we were armed with coffee and some cake (we were in holidays after all) we started playing cards to while away the time. Astonishingly the ferry this time was only 15 minutes late and soon were we heading for Paros.

waiting for the ferry @Mykonos

Once there the rest of the trip was over quickly. From the port you have regular bus service to all major villages and after another coffee we were on the road again. Naoussa would be our home for the next seven days.

Checking into our Hotel Christina then was more difficult than expected. But eventually everyone had the room they wanted or at least the promise of a possible change. Mine had a decent size with a little patio to the back road (no one passed by during my stay, the bathroom next door on the other hand provided a lot of background noise) and I was instantly happy with it.

No time like the present though so with maximum speed we got ready for the beach. The next one on foot was Agii Anargiri beach, a leisurly ten minutes walk from our hotel. The beach was okay, not as lovely as the beaches we were used from Ios though. In my opinion it was just not wide enough, so basically we were sunbathing next to the road. Not that anybody passed by in the hours we spent there, just saying.

There was one hotel next to our beach segment, the Kosmitis Hotel, which we visited for an afternoon snack.  Not only was the Greek salad outstanding, they also had locally brewed beer. 56 isles had such stylish bottle and was tasty. Plus drinking it meant supporting the local economy. Something I love to do when on vacation in form of either shopping or consuming local products.

Kosmitis Hotel @Paros

locally brewed on Paros

With beer in the afternoon time flew probably because we all slept for the remain of the day. It was after all a very quiet beach.

The evening was used to discover our village from top to bottom with our hotel being on top. Just to reach the water front was taking us ages with all the window shopping in between. Naoussa had really lovely shops, not just the typical tourist stuff but local art, shoes and jewellery. Definitely one of the finer shopping areas I haven seen in Greece.

Naousa @Paros

Also the village itself was very charming, lots of small alleys and squares and an absolutely romantic harbor. Too bad that I wasn’t in the right company!

On recommendation of Thalia, the hotel owner, we went to Kous-Kous near the harbor for dinner. Definitely not the right place if you want to have a good meal. Quite the opposite actually so I would I wide detour if you are ever in the area. Yours, Pollybert

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