The beaches of Paros (and Antiparos)

A beach is never just a beach but comprises so much more. Is it sand or gravel or even rocks, does it have natural shade available or do you have to rent a sunbed? Is there a bar in walking distance not just for drinks but all other facilities as well. So many questions and the few answers online don’t tell you the story until you go there and see for yourself.

We spent our week on Paros going from one beach to the next to see which was the best. And in between we might have relaxed a bit with a glass of wine or ouzo, but more about this later. Let’s talk about the places that we discovered.

Kolymbithres Beach: Easily accessed by boat from Naoussa, once you arrive there the best part of the beach seemed to us all the way to the left from the landing-place. Easier said than done to get there, especially if you think that you have to cross via the rocks. There is actually a road in the back which I only saw after I managed to find a way through the rocks. The beach itself is divided in lots of little coves. The one we chose (all the way to the left) had natural shade and a restaurant in back. Sunbeds available for rent and also some sport equipment. I think I saw SUP and windsurfers. Excellent place to while away the time and get some sleep. Plus the local wild life was impressive with the parrot we saw.

Kolymbithres Beach @Paros

swimming at Kolymbithres beach @Paros

parrot on Paros

Santa Maria Beach: The next day saw us taking the bus to Santa Maria. It’s only a short ride away from the bus terminal in Naoussa but even shorter if you know that there is a stop at the beginning of Agii Anargiri Beach as well. The beach itself is exactly what you expect from a great, sandy and wide and long. Finally a place where you can go for a walk. Sunbeds are available and there are restaurants right at beach. We also connected with a “stray” dog, it looked so well fed though that I am sure it belonged to the restaurant behind us. No natural shade available but I saw sports equipment for rent. There was also a camping site in the back, must be a lovely spot!

Pollybert at the beach @Paros

Pounda Beach: I had to laugh when I checked out the Punda Beach link. The place of course looked nothing whatsoever like on the website while we were there. It was end of season after all and it was empty. No people, no party. Also kind of fun if you can deal with it. I loved the sandy beach, which was more a small bay again. Not as small as Kolymbithres Beach but still. Sunbeds were available and the beach club which rented them also had a nice bar. I didn’t see any sports equipment but my memory can’t be trusted because first of all I wasn’t interested in renting anything and secondly I was already in full vacation modus. Not natural shade anywhere but the umbrellas were big enough. Also apparently I have no pictures from this beach.

Soros Beach (Antiparos): Absolutely stunning beach, just not sandy but very fine gravel. The hotel which caters to the beach and rents out the sunbeds has a stunning terrace overlooking the beach but since the waiter served cold drinks and coffee on the beach there was no need to actually go and sit there. No natural shade anywhere but made for long walks if you are into that. Again I have no idea if there was any sports equipment rental. Probably, because why wouldn’t there be? Not so easy to get there from Naoussa in the north of the island. We took the bus back to Paros (where the ferry terminal is) and then got a boat from there. Most boats leave from Pounda though (this is not the same as the beach).

Agii Anargiri Beach: On our last day on Paros we split up and I headed back to the beach from the first day. Within walking distance from Naoussa and an excellent hotel bar close by was it the right choice for me. It has a bit of natural shade but the trees are rather right next to the street. Even though there is next to no traffic it feels weird to put your towel there. Sunbeds are available, again I have to pass when it comes to the question of sports equipment. Very sandy beach and from time to time some masseur are passing through. Good spot when you don’t feel like doing much. Vacation can be exhausting after all. Yours, Pollybert

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