Great Greek food on Paros

Greek food to me means lots of starters and almost no main courses. I don’t know why but the vegetarian options taste so amazing in this country. Maybe it’s the lack of chemical fertilizer (I wish) or just the abundance of sun all year long which elevates the produce from good to great. Also each island has its own specialty e.g. a Greek salad with bread called Dakos on Paros, a soft cheese on Ios or just some food combination that I haven’t tried anywhere else like the red beet yoghurt salad I had on Paxos which turns discovering Greece and its food to a full-blown adventure. So here we go with all the good stuff I ate on Paros and Antiparos. Yours, Pollybert

dinner time @Naoussa

Greek dolmades @Paros

Dakos salad @Paros

cooked chickpeas @Paros

our favorite restaurant in Naoussa

dinner time with from left tomato salad, taramasalata, wild greens and eggplant @Paros

anchovies for dinner @Paros

black eyed bean salad @Paros

a mix of starters for dinner @Naoussa

watermelon, tomato, feta = amazing @Antiparos

dolmades in lemon sauce @Naoussa

octopus with onion in tomato cinnamon sauce, just wow @Naoussa

Greek salad @Naoussa

grilled cheese, a mistake you shouldn’t make @Naoussa

grilled fish variety, came in close second behind the worst dinner of the week @Naoussa

best breakfast = fresh juice and a double espresso @Naoussa

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