Saigon Bistro

Lunch time in the office. How often have I already written about this or the times I spend at the market? Not often enough probably because almost every meal is worth a post. We were on the way to Milchbart for some pick-me-up and make-the afternoon-go-by-in-a-flash meal and got thoroughly disappointed since the place was packed already at 12 sharp. Really, what is this world coming to if everyone leaves the office at the same time? Usually noon is the best time to still get a place, any later than that and you have to wait for an hour or so.

But that day it was a blessing in disguise because we walked a bit further up on the market and came across a new place called “Saigon Bistro“. A Vietnamese at the Meidlinger Markt, who would have thought? Of course we had to try it.

Saigon Bistro

The restaurant comes with an open kitchen due to it being a market stall and has exactly five tables inside. It offers two daily specials and has the usual Vietnamese staples on the menu. Pho, Bun, summer rolls and spring rolls, it’s all there. My colleagues tried the Pho with crispy chicken and other also crispy chicken but with lemongrass and rice. I wanted to eat something I knew to judge the quality and chose the Bun with beef.

Saigon Bistro

Pho with crispy chicken @Saigon Bistro

Crispy chicken @Saigon Bistro

Bun with beef @Saigon Bistro

All dishes were freshly made and topped with lots of fresh greens like coriander. Overall I missed bit of spice though. The Bun was finely seasoned but needed a bit of flavor to brighten the vermicelli. My two companions also added additional flavors to their dishes, so it works well that fish sauce and Siracha are readily available. Overall a lovely new restaurant to enhance the appeal of the market. We will definitely be back if one can judge from the empty plates. Yours, Pollybert

Saigon Bistro
1120 Wien, Meidlinger Markt Stand
Tel.: +43 677 62066289
Mo-Sat: 11-21:00


  1. This looks super nice – we should have lunch there soon! Enough options for a veggie girl?

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