What I learned in Paris

Do I learn more when I travel alone? I am not really sure about it. As usual these are my observations and musing that I write down while traveling or think about after when looking at my pictures. Yours, Pollybert

1.) I think the French want to hide the metro entrances. In no other city have I looked so long for stations. Once I even asked a local, only to have him point across the street. And no, I can still see very well, there were just no signs.

2.) Say YES. Can’t repeat this often enough. It’s so much fun!

3.) Why does the symbol of a travel lock mean “Love lasts forever”? Is it because the key has been thrown away?

our love is eternal @Paris

4.) Travel alone from time to time. It’s so liberating! Though mentioned before, doesn’t make it less true.

5.) An espresso and a croissant is a valuable nutritious breakfast.

6.) G&T helps in every situation and every country! Especially recommended when one fells chilled to prevent a cold.

7.) Looking for a specific location (in my case a post office) while having no sense of direction can possibly lead you to amazing places. If you have a good sense of direction, you will miss you on some things.

8.) You can visit Paris as often as you want, there will always be something new to discover.

9.) Macaroons from Ladurée are overrated.

10.) I miss Vietnam. I had a really good Pho at a small unassuming place next to my hotel.

excellent Vietnamese Pho @Paris

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