What I learned in Copenhagen

First I thought there was nothing I learned while visiting in Copenhagen but writing about our weekend made it all come back. Suddenly I noticed that I had loads to say. So these are the things I learned while away in Copenhagen. Yours, Pollybert

1.) It’s not ideal to have dinner reservations for all your evenings but no idea on which bar to hit.

2.) A hotel room for three is always just a standard room with an extra bed which makes it extra small. Maybe we should get a suite next time?

3.) People in the North are tall. I loved looking them up (and down) especially when they resembled models!

4.) Hygge is not just a Danish word, it’s a Nordic life concept that I have been adopting now (at least I call it now hygge although I have done it for years already).

5.) Christmas beer not only tastes like Christmas in a glass but also buys you more alcohol content for the same amount of money. We only made the mistake once to order a regular beer.

6.) The Danish were exceedingly friendly and even accompanied us when we asked for directions.

7.) I wish we had a Royal Family and could have a drinking game while the Queen makes her New Year’s speech (apparently there is a game for the English Queen as well). As fun as the election of our president was last year, he can’t be compared to Queen Margrethe. At least they both smoke!

8.) Tap water in restaurants is charged per person.

9.) A challenging menu is memorable, a good one is nondescript.

10.) Thank you Copenhagen for letting me discover Skam and getting me started with learning Norwegian!

11.) There is a tradition behind the Christmas hearts decoration in the streets. And no, it’s not Valentine’s Day!

12.) Mirabelle bakery has the best Eggs Benedict there are. Trust me on this!

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