A weekend in Berlin

Berlin has already once before been the destination in this particular constellation (okay almost the same). Traveling as a “family” is so much fun when done in the right company. Arriving in Berlin on a Friday evening is the perfect start into your weekend if you want to party. We checked into the hotel Almodovar, in Friedrichshain, and met up with Sophie for dinner.

the gang @Il Ritrovo Berlin

Excellent choice to eat pizza because the evening was going to be long! We moved on to a bar called ‘Süß war gestern‘. The weekend started just right with lots of mate tea with vodka and dancing until 3am.

us girls with mate tea @Süß war gestern

there is always time for a little game @Süß war gestern

After breakfast at we walked around in Prenzlauer Berg and then moved on to Berlin Mitte, stopping eventually at a tapas bar and started the afternoon with the rose wine.

Thus revived we continued walking through Spandau, visiting countless art galleries (sometimes I wonder what these exhibitions are about and who actually buys this stuff?), stopped for another beer (all this walking made me thirsty) until finally we headed for dinner. See how fast a day can go by in Berlin? It’s the night that counts!

We spent our second evening at the “Zum starken August“, a craft beer bar which also doubles as a revue palace. You don’t want to miss a show here, it was an eye opener. Plus the service is excellent!

Zum starken August @Berlin

all is well in Berlin @Zum starken August

somebody is getting really tired here @Berlin

everything can happen in Berlin @Zum starken August

Some of us stayed longer and some of us shorter as you can imagine. It was a delicious evening no matter how long with a burlesque show and two other acts. No pictures were taken during the shows in case you want to leer.

Sunday was our flea market day. First at the Boxhagener Platz and after breakfast (Silo Coffee Berlin) we tried the big one at the Mauer Park. I kept my shopping to the minimum and invested rather in some awesome sparkling wine!

flea market Boxhagener Platz @Berlin

flea market in Mauer Park @Berlin

Standing around in the early spring sun (it was only May after all), drinking along and with just breakfast under your belt makes for a heady mix and we had to move on to another place for coffee and cake. The cake was good but the wine even better. So much for good intentions.

moving on from the Mauer park to find a new spot for coffee and cake @Berlin

finally time to sit down again, with “coffee” and cake @Berlin

“coffee” and cake @Berlin

In the Prenzlauer Berg area you can find “LOVE” and even take a picture with it.

Instead of going back to the hotel to change we spent the early evening walking around for some more and then moved on to the restaurant Umami. Dinner was cut short since our host had to go back to “Zum starken August“. The rest of us followed more leisurely. There was no repeat performance of the evening below, just drinks and an early night.

waiting for a table @Umami restaurant Berlin

After all the weekend tourists have left the city it was time to finally get some sightseeing done. We started with breakfast at Neumanns Café and then took the metro to Friedrichstraße to catch one of the many tourist boats on the Spree. Steering through the government quarter, passing old and long buildings, there was lots to see. The last time I was in this area was in the summer of 1997. Quite a while ago and lots had changed.

We made one last stop at the Kurfürstendamm to tour the Gedächtniskirche and then it was already time to leave Berlin. Not only was the weekend fabulous in this amazing company, but Berlin is always worth my time. So much fun to discover every time something new. Yours, Pollybert


Gedächtniskirche @Berlin

PS: Posts on where to go for breakfast and dinner are coming up shortly.

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