Breakfast places in Berlin

Spending a long weekend in Berlin and staying at a hotel which offered vegetarian/vegan breakfast options gave me ample time to try something else. All three mornings we were eating at another place. All of them were delicious, all were different. So here are the places that we tried. Yours, Pollybert

Kaffeerösterei Pakolat: it has only one disadvantage, you have to order at the bar. But they do bring the dishes and the tiered plates full of ham and cheese tasted as good as they looked. Also the cakes, which were freshly made in the bakery behind the dining room (you can watch them work but are not allowed to take pictures), looked enticing. I just couldn’t eat one more bite after my breakfast. We all ordered the same, which was the biggest selection available and it was definitely worth it. It came with your choice of egg, fresh orange juice, a selection of ham and cheese and bread.

dining room @Kaffeerösterei Pakolat

two-tiered breakfast @Kaffeerösterei Pakolat

breakfast @Kaffeerösterei Pakolat

Silo Coffee Berlin: wow, wow, wow. I had the best pancakes here. Really, really, really good. Once we got a table, which was not so easy since we hadn’t reserved and the place is busy, the service was quick and very friendly. Silo has lovely breakfast choices, all a bit different and absolutely yummy. I think most was organic, especially the eggs, and there were healthy options available as well. But who wants that when you can have avocado toast with chorizo?

Silo Coffee Berlin

avocado toast with chorizo and poached eggs @Silo Coffee

best pancakes ever @Silo Coffee Berlin

Neumanns Café: this small bakery is right across from Silo in Friedrichshain. They bake their own bread and offer a choice of open-faced breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. Most are combos which include extra slices of bread with butter and jam as well as juice. I went for the breakfast special which came with green asparagus. As lovely as the food was, here you need to have time. Which you do have when you are on vacation. But the girls who work here are just not organized. Charming yes, quick no. I was also not a big fan of the trays lined with paper. This gets extremely messy when you cut your sandwich.

dining room @Neumanns Café

breakfast combo with juice/butter/jam @Neumanns Café

breakfast special with green asparagus @Neumanns Café

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