Dinner places in Berlin

Three nights in Berlin mean three dinners in Berlin! It’s always the girls who choose where we eat. Which is a welcome change to Vienna where usually I pick a dinner place. The restaurants were totally different, so we made a culinary journey around the world. Some were better than others but all were super hip and hyped. So here are some remarks about our restaurants in Berlin. Yours, Pollybert

Il Ritrovo: I think their Facebook page says more about this place than their website. So rather look there for information. The place was packed when we arrived. Which was no wonder by the look of the pizzas that passed me on the way to the table. They were like huge round spaceships. Absolutely amazing and also tasted fantastic. I couldn’t finish mine and  needed the guys to eat the rest. With a tiramisu and a panna cotta for desert we closed dinner. Atmosphere, food, service and prices are amazing. Definitely a place to come back to!

dining room @Il Ritrovo Berlin

pizza @Il Ritrovo Berlin

Blackbeards Berlin: I just noticed that I don’t have a single picture from this restaurant. But I do remember it vividly. We were all starved when we arrived there after a day out and about, so we ordered way too much. A thoughtful waiter let us know that the portions were huge and we would have plenty with a burger each. Nonetheless we ordered extra ribs, which was of course too much. I think I couldn’t even finish my side order. The food itself was tasty and freshly made. Can’t remember much more. By the way they mean business here, the chipotle burger was hot!

Umami restaurant: An Indochine restaurant in Berlin, but the girls always called it Vietnamese. It has a terrace outside which is nicely illuminated with paper lantern (or so it looks). Inside it’s rather crowded with large tables that you need to share. The food itself was good however it was not Vietnamese. Yes, it tasted Asian but that’s not the same as Vietnamese. Still a nice place to go. Service was quick and attentive.

terrace @Umami restaurant Berlin

spring garden salad @Umami restaurant Berlin

angry calamari @Umami restaurant Berlin

Pakse Pan @Umami restaurant Berlin


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