Berlin is different

Berlin is not only beautiful, dirty, hip, urban, young, vibrant and full of tattooed people, it is also very different from most other cities that I have been too. Just look at the pictures, there is really not much more to say. Yours, Pollybert

this really makes you tip a lot @Süß war gestern

No joke, someone managed to take this picture of us @Berlin

you can go and buy a poet at the “word smith” @Berlin

The paradise is everywhere! celebrating the reformation! @Berlin

cycling is ecologically compatible @Berlin


just throw your trash out @Berlin

Big Brother is watching you @Berlin

good question, keeps me up all night @Berlin

some horses are kept in a bar @Berlin

interestingly this stall sold currywurst and not salad @Berlin

you date online and fall in love every 11 minutes -> Life is bitter @Berlin



  1. LIEBE: very talented photographer… that’s why you should only travel with me 😎

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