What I learned in Berlin (the second time around)

The second time in a city, I didn’t think there was anything to tell. But looking at the pictures now and it all comes back. There was actually quite a lot that I learned. If you want to read about the first trip with this group of people, you know where to click. This time it’s all about the repeat experience. Yours, Pollybert

1.) There is no need to bring different evening clothes, we never made it back to the hotel.

2.) Love it when I don’t have to organize anything but can just follow the herd. (Maybe need to book another bus tour?)

3.) I can still party with the best. Just not three nights in a row.

4.) A burlesque show is not a burlesque show. There can be huge differences. And once you have seen something you shouldn’t have, it’s burned on your retina forever. Argh, nightmare!

5.) My 20s are definitely gone! I wanted to post first a picture of the three of us but decided upon closer inspection to just post one of the youngsters (just noticed that I already learned that last time, really have to try to remember this) !

6.) I have tasted “Berliner Luft“. It’s nothing to write home about. While mate tea with vodka drinks itself like tea with the after effect that I couldn’t sleep.

7.) I could never work in a night club. I feel tired just thinking about it.

8.) People are sneaky and take pictures in all kinds of situations. I should definitely be more aware of my surroundings and put my phone away from time to time.

9.) It’s great for the travel “family” to get some new members. Hopefully more additions come along. The key is to book in time.

10.) Apparently there is a disease which let’s you fall instantly asleep no matter where you are. And it has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol you drink or so I was told.


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