More impressions from Lake Balaton

Although I spent only a weekend here, we did so much that I had the impression that I stayed longer. The lake is beautiful and sometimes shimmers so turquoise that I got the impressions to see the Caribbean (with a little bit imagination). Whatever it is, it is overall a lovely place where you can not only relax by doing nothing (or swimming, sailing, other water sports…) but where you can also find lots of things to do. While visiting the Lóczy cave we got a coupon booklet for the area that holds at least 15 other attractions. You won’t get bored around the Balaton, that’s for sure. In any case, here are some more impressions from this weekend. Yours, Pollybert

a typical old farm-house around Lake Balaton

details from the side altar in Tihany Abbey @Lake Balaton

the paprika house @Lake Balaton

Pollybert in front of a ceramic store @Lake Balaton

a ceramic store @Lake Balaton

Calvary or Way of the Cross @Lake Balaton

a park bench is not just for sitting, but training @Lake Balaton

beautiful skies over Lake Balaton

please buy your duck food here @Lake Balaton

how to fetch water in former times @Lake Balaton

lots of lavender in front of Tihany Abbey @Lake Balaton

Sylvia enjoying one of her many lemonades

quiet time over Lake Balaton



  1. I am glad you liked it! I never expected a series of 3 blogs on one short weekend in Tihany ☺

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