Four Day Tours in five days

Besides Reykjavik, which is amazing, the best part about Iceland is the country side. That covers basically the rest. So see as much as possible in the short time you can afford to stay here. To do that you can either rent a car or book some tours. We went with the tours. The comfort of getting chauffeured, having wi-fi and receiving information about everything far outweighed the spontaneity of being independent. We tried to cover all areas with our booked tours, too bad then that we missed the bus for one. Nevermind, every single day tour was amazing and I would do all of them again.

Some information regarding the tours:
– most tour operators indicate the pick-up time from your hotel on top of your confirmation. But some indicate the starting time of the tour and in small letters underneath that the pick-up is 30 minutes earlier. Please take a closer look at this.
– bring snacks and water on the bus. We brought our snacks from back home (dried fruits, nut mix and shortbread) which was well worth it. As already mentioned, everything is expensive in Iceland.
– make sure that you wear proper gear for whatever tour you have planned.
– individual tour posts are coming up.

Yours, Pollybert

Glacier Lagoon Tour: we booked the trip with Bustravel Iceland. The whole trip takes about 14 hours and once you arrive back in Reykjavik you want to grab a sandwich and a beer and head to bed. Not only will you see the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon (detailed description about this tour here) but also two waterfalls, Sejalandsfoss and Skógafoss (more about the South of Iceland here). With this trip you have basically seen the South if you are pressed for time.

Glacier Lagoon Tour @Iceland

Golden Circle Tour: this is the most touristic tour we made (read about it in detail here). Everyone who goes to Iceland also does this tour. So be prepared to have a huge amount of tourists around you. Nonetheless it is so worth to go. Think about taking the day tour and not just the afternoon trip. You will see a volcanic crater lake, impressive geysers, the two waterfalls Gullfoss and Faxi and the Thingvellir National Park. Also done with Bustravel Iceland.

Gullfoss waterfall @Iceland

Premium Snæfellsnes Peninsula Tour: this peninsula on the west side of Iceland combines the best of everything. Beautiful waterfalls (read all about the waterfalls here), seal watching (click here to read about the animals on the peninsula) and majestic glaciers (if you are lucky and the weather permits). In any case it felt totally different from the other tours, very relaxed and less hassle. Maybe because we booked the premium version and were only nine people on the bus. Again with Bustravel Iceland.

Kirkjufellsfoss on Snæfellsnes Peninsula @Iceland

Reykjadalur Hot Spring Hiking Tour: we used a different tour operator for the short trekking tour, Guide to Iceland. The trek is really short and very easy to tackle, even if you are out of shape in my opinion. It took us about an hour to get to the hot spring, soaked there for hours and walked down in 45 minutes.

Reykjadalur Hot Spring @Iceland

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