The Blue Lagoon experience

No visit to Iceland is complete without swimming in the Blue Lagoon. The name alone evokes memories of a movie which I loved when I was younger. The real deal is totally different and so much better. But it also includes steamy scenes. Just in another way.

Of course opinions about the Blue Lagoon differ. Before heading to Iceland I researched it extensively. I read everything from the lagoon being overrated to mind-blowing.

What can I say, I loved it! It is very touristy, true enough. But locals go there too. As a whole the Blue Lagoon is special and stunning and as mind-blowing as described. And I am very glad we went there. I find the best time to go is right before you leave. It makes sense since it is near the airport. Also when you travel back to mainland Europe, you will leave late at night. So much better when you are already a bit sleepy after soaking for hours in hot water (the second time already on this day).

outside the Blue Lagoon @Iceland

We had splurged on the premium tickets which included a bathrobe, slippers, a complimentary drink and also a separate lane for check in. So worth it! The whole experience is not cheap, so do yourself a favor and splurge.

Also, book your tickets well in advance for the time slot you want to be there. Entrance with your tickets is only open for one hour!

swimming area of the Blue Lagoon @Iceland

Not just one big pool, but a pool landscape in the Blue Lagoon @Iceland

This amazing check-in service was sadly not repeated at the changing rooms. The website promised color coordinated rooms according to the package. But we were thrown in with all the raffle. Where was the premium treatment in that? But that can’t be avoided no matter what package you book. And at least there was a changing room rather than an outdoor experience.

Also included in the premium package were a couple of face masks and we tried them all. Some more than one. We wanted to get the full experience and I felt instantly better after the deep cleansing mask.

using one of the many face masks included in the premium package of the Blue Lagoon @Iceland

As you can see things were heating up and it was one steamy experience. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it! Yours, Pollybert

multiple entries into the Blue Lagoon; I wonder how full it is in summer @Iceland

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