Impressions of Iceland

If you can show me someone who leaves Iceland without having taken hundreds of pictures, I will be surprised. Everytime I turned around I took a picture. Sorting through these while writing my posts was more than hard. They all looked amazing (or as far as that is possible when shot with an iphone camera), but only the best should go up. So here are some more impressions that I couldn’t bring myself to delete. I hope they will make you as happy as the trip made me. This was one awsome experience. Yours, Pollybert

looking out of Harpa Hall @Reykjavik

Gone with the wind @Reykjavik

scenic road trip @Iceland

looking for a glacier @Iceland

there is ice on the beach @Iceland

the church of Vik with the ever present lupins in front @Iceland

how would that look with sunshine @Iceland

see how small we you humans are next to Skogafoss @Iceland

that is just a rift that happened but it reminds me of “Asterix and the Great Divide” @Thingvellir National Park

coffee stop on the way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula @Iceland

beautiful Snæfellsnes Peninsula @Iceland

beautiful Iceland

along the Arnarstapi beach walk @Iceland


  1. Everything looks so perfect and beautiful!!!

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