Cafe Paris

We discovered the Cafe Paris on our first day in Reykjavik and went there every day except once (the Lagoon tour exhausted us). The atmosphere was cozy and familial, the food fresh, simple and cooked to perfection and the service very attentive.  I might be gushing more than usual. Maybe because one of the chefs was super cute (sadly I only got only his back on my picture). In any case you know my food standards. I wouldn’t be that enthusiastic if the place was not great!

Our introduction to Cafe Paris started with coffee and cake. After walking around Reykjavik for many hours, we needed a little sustenance.

my friend and the cute chef in the back @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

meringue cake with Chantilly cream and raspberries @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

waffle with vanilla sauce and fresh fruits @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

Two days later we came for breakfast. As much as I liked our hotel (location and view) the breakfast was nothing to write home about. So much better than that we decided to try breakfast at Cafe Paris. The eggs Benedict were perfectly executed and in combination with the graved lax super tasty. My friend was meanwhile mmming over her granola. Definitely a nicer experience than the drab breakfast in the basement of the City Center Hotel.

dining room @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

good morning Reykjavik! It’s time for breakfast @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

On our last day we had a late lunch after the “wet” trekking tour. We really needed to get warm and hat better way than to do that with a meal? I ate the catch of the day, a blue ling with avocado cream and some kind of salsa while my friend had a French onion soup. And of course we both had desserts again (same as on the first day). It was the last day after all! It was heavenly! Don’t miss it while in Reykjavik. Yours, Pollybert

Cafe Paris
101 Reykjavik, Austurstræti 14
Tel: +354 551 1020
Mon-Sun: 08:30-23:00

catch of the day blue ling on avocado cream @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

French onion soup @Cafe Paris Reykjavik

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