The Highlights of Gdansk

I spent my first afternoon in Gdansk to get the hang of this place. The rest of my days I used to explore the city in detail. There was so much to see and my time spent here was well worth it. These buildings and museums are what you should not miss while in Gdansk. Otherwise try to lose yourself in the city and just enjoy the architecture. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Artus Court on the Long Market (Dlugi Targ): enter and feel transported into a different time.

Artus Court @Gdansk

inside the Artus Court @Gdansk

a huge tiled stove inside Artus Court @Gdansk

2.) Museum of the Second World War: buy your tickets online, otherwise you might end up like me. Standing in front of it with no way of getting inside.

Museum of the Second World War @Gdansk

3.) National Maritime Museum: Crane: At one time it was the biggest working crane in the world and had a capacity to lift four tonnes. Two prisoners had to push the wheels. just looking at them depressed me. This was the original rat race.

National Maritime Museum Crane @ Gdansk

wheel inside the crane @Gdansk

4.) St. Mary’s Church or Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: The church is humongous and one of the biggest brick churches in the world. Not only impresses the cavernous interior but also the tower which you can climb up. It takes about forever to get to the top but the view makes up for it.

St. Mary’s Church @Gdansk

St. Mary’s Church @Gdansk

5.) Main Town Hall: If you like to climb towers, there is another one at the Main Town Hall. The beautiful picture above of St. Mary’s Church I took up there. Most of the building was destroyed in a fire in March 1945 but has then been lovingly restored to its former glory.

Main Town Hall as seen from the Long Market with the Neptune fountain in front @Gdansk

Can you see the unicorns? Richly decorated ceiling of the Main Town Hall @Gdansk

Pollybert with the Long Market @Gdansk

6.) National Maritime Museum: Soldek: The Soldek was the first ship to be built in Poland after WWII and used as a freighter. I am not really sure where everything was stored. But the ship was definitely large enough for a lot of storing. The city of Gdansk bought it in 1980 and uses it now as a museum. There were Lots of stairs inside. I was already tired after visiting. Just imagine you had to work here.

Museum ship Soldek @Gdansk


  1. Gdansk really is a lovely city to walk around in. My favorite activity while we visited was, however, a walk along the beach from Gdansk the the nearby town of Sopot. :)

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