Breakfast places in Gdansk

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Everybody says so even if I don’t agree with it. I do though when on vacation. Because then I have time to sit down and enjoy it leisurely. All restaurants I sampled had something special, so the choice is all yours! Yours, Pollybert

On my first day I had breakfast on the waterfront at Prologue. The eggs Benedict were sumptuous with a big slab of bacon and horseradish on the side. Too bad I didn’t try this place for either lunch or dinner. Everything here looked absolutely fresh and mouth-watering.

eggs Benedict with bacon on a brioche and horseradish on the side @Gdansk

My second morning I spent across the street from the Town Hall at Lookier Café and had a breakfast burger with French fries. That must have been my first time ever to have fries in the morning. To my astonishment it was delicious. It feels quite good to start the day with a lot of cholesterol. Nonetheless it gives you energy for a long time.

breakfast burger @Lookier Cafe

For my third breakfast I wanted something traditional and went to Bistro. Here I tried a traditional Polish breakfast with fried ham (yummy!), cheese, egg, sausage, lard and pickles. The rolls were a bit bland but the rest was fine. Can’t be worse for the cholesterol than my fries the day before.

traditional Polish breakfast @Bistro


  1. It is currently evening here in Sweden, but this made me long for the breakfast in the morning. :)

  2. I have good news for you pollybert 😉

    Could breakfast actually be the WORST meal for your health? New book debunks the idea that you should start the day with a feast
    The author suggests that ‘glorification’ of breakfast has been influenced by studies paid for by cereal manufacturers

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