More impressions of Gdansk

Spending more than 72 hours in Gdansk was just enough to discover the city and a little bit of the surrounding area. What a wonderful place with such beautiful buildings. The city doesn’t cease to amaze. Therefore it is no wonder that of course I have ample pictures left that didn’t fit with the stories before. The best of the rest is for this post. Yours, Pollybert

Neptune ready to strike in front of Artus Court @Gdansk

so true, great place to travel to @Gdansk

bridge over the Vistula @Gdansk

beautiful buildings on the Long Market @Gdansk

the Long Market seen from the Green Gate @Gdansk

someone lost his head @Gdansk

the Armory in all its glory @Gdansk

detail from the town hall @Gdansk

view on the Long Market from the town hall @Gdansk

along the Vistula @Gdansk

the Crane Tower at the Vistula @Gdansk

the streets of Gdansk

there are also some lovely new buildings along the Vistula @Gdansk

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