The other day I was invited for dinner at Giorgina restaurant in the 1st district. Funnily enough I have never heard about it although it has been around already for quite some time. As was apparent it is rather frequented by tourists who don’t get a table at Café Central. However they end up there they know a lot more about good food than I do because this little gem is worth a visit.

Since it was raining we had to sit inside which reminded me more of a castle cellar.

dining room of Giorgina restaurant

I am sure in winter it is comfortable, in summer it was more humid than pleasant. The courtyard looked sooo inviting! The food made up for a lot though.

We started with an amuse gueule from the kitchen, three kinds of spreads, sun-dried tomato, pumpkin seed and butter. Served with a two kinds of bread. The pumpkins seed spread was extra delicious. Due to the hot weather the starters were small. Either a consommé or the very popular graved salmon trout. It tasted heavenly and the combination with the pink pepper worked exquisitely.

graved salmon trout @Giorgina restaurant

I started my dinner with the main course, a chanterelle tartar with a baked egg and extra bacon. what exactly the bacon was doing on this plate I couldn’t say because it was not on the menu and it didn’t work with the dish. But the tartar was stunning and the portion, although a starter, just right as main dish.

chanterelle tartar with baked egg @Giorgina restaurant

I could also try the truffled polenta with goat cheese and extra truffle on top. A lovely combination and I adored the small pan it was served in.

truffled polenta with goat cheese and spinach salad @Giorgina restaurant

The beef tartar was a big portion and tasty, also the char was very much appreciated (I didn’t get permission to take a picture). I heard only good things about both dishes.

I opted for dessert to finish my meal and chose the rhubarb cake with lemon ice cream. The combination as well done, never thought that this could work together. The tangy note of the ice cream complimented the cake. Especially since the cake lacked a bit of rhubarb. Table favorite was the chocolate raspberry cake, but also the almond-orange combination found takers. Overall a great selection of desserts.

clockwise from left: chocolate raspberry, rhubarb and almond-orange cake @Giorgina restaurant

Giorgina restaurant caters to tourists and locals alike and has wonderful attentive service. The menu is small but the selection diverse. I am sure everyone can find something on it. Yours, Pollybert

1010 Wien, Bankgasse 2
Tel: +43/1 5333175
Mo-Fr: 9:00-23:00

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