Caffè Bacco

A year ago I read a review about Caffè Bacco and since then I had it on my invisible “would-like-to-eat-there-list”. Finally I made it and there is only one thing to say: Why didn’t I go immediately after I read about this place? It is so good!

There is no menu and you will get served whatever the kitchen has cooked. If you are allergic or don’t eat something, just tell them. The kitchen appears to be quite flexible in this way. What I like is that you can what you will get since everyone in the restaurant will eat the same stuff as you. The dining room is small and comfortable and it allows smoking. Just keep that in mind.

dining room @Café Bacco

We started with an amuse gueule which was a shot of a strawberry infused gazpacho, spicy, with a small piece of burrata at the bottom and other vegetables. I would say cucumber and so on. There was also a crisp piece of bacon in the shot glass. We were off to a good start! The gazpacho was absolutely stunning, very fruity but also very spicy. An interesting blend of flavors.

strawberry gazpacho shot @Caffè Bacco

Next up was a trio of crostini, salciccia, liver and pomodoro. I would have wished for more on top. The crostini were super crisp and could have used more moisture. We also got a big platter with salami and cured ham. The cold cuts were excellent but in hindsight the one thing we could have left out. There was so much more to come and you really have to think strategically on what to eat. One of us is not eating any pork and she got a burrata instead.

crostini misti @Caffè Bacco

platter of cold cuts @Caffè Bacco

burrata @Caffè Bacco

The next antipasti was a fried zucchini flower. This one got mixed reviews, some found it too greasy while I liked the light batter and the juicy stem.

fried zucchini flower @Caffè Bacco

The last of the antipasti were marinated porcini, lovingly prepared by the padrone himself. This was another table favorite.

preparation of the marinated porcini @Caffè Bacco

marinated porcini @Caffè Bacco

Then we were on to the warm starters, a bowl of pumpkin soup and a tortilla. We were all pacing us with the food, no one knew what to expect or how many more courses were coming. Both dishes were nice, with the tortilla being a bit on the bland side.

creamy pumpkin soup @Caffè Bacco

tortilla @Caffè Bacco

By now we had made it to the primi piatti and we got two pasta dishes after another. Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta was the first course. So light and full of flavor. And obviously home-made. Ah this kitchen, what a surprise!

ravioli with spinach and ricotta @Caffè Bacco

ravioli with spinach and ricotta @Caffè Bacco

The second pasta course was tagliatelle al limone. I wasn’t sure if I could eat anything anymore, but this dish surprised as well. The sauce coated the pasta but was not clingy. It was absolutely perfect and with such a refreshing taste. No need for parmesan, it would have just ruined the subtle flavors.

tagliatelle al limone @Caffè Bacco

When we finally made it to the main course we were all in a food induced coma. Okay, it was maybe not that dramatic, but we had eaten a lot of food already. But the pork roast which was shown around in the restaurant when it came fresh out of the oven, was just too good to resist.

the pork roast in all its glory @Caffè Bacco

pork roast platter @Caffè Bacco

Last but not least came a plate with dolci; tiramisu, ice cream and marinated strawberries.

dolci variations @Caffè Bacco

In case you are wondering, I ate it all. I don’t know how I did it but I managed. And I really, really enjoyed our evening there. The restaurant is small and has a very cozy atmosphere. Service was excellent and super attentive. This is a place where you should go with your friends and family and just have a relaxed evening. There is nothing you need to think about. You only have to decide between white and red wine and the rest just happens by magic. What an adventure! Yours, Pollybert

Caffè Bacco
Margaretenstraße 25, 1040 Wien
Tel: +43 1 5856692
Mon-Fri: 13:00-24:00

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