Why spend a weekend in Oslo?

What is the point of flying up to Oslo? Especially at the end of October when there are no longer endless summer days but rather an early dusk? Good question. Last year we went to Copenhagen and got a taste for the North. That was a compelling enough reason to try out another city up there. Plus later came an “obsession” with SKAM  and the sudden interest in everything norsk (ja, jeg snakker litt norsk).

So visiting Oslo was a no-brainer and really worth our time. Besides all the usual must-sees the city has some unique features. I love that the city lies on the water-front. Maybe all people from landlocked countries do, access to the seas just gives a place a different atmosphere. Also, where else can you see a submarine just passing by? I felt like “The Hunt for Red October” was playing before my eyes.

a submarine passing Akerhus fortress @Oslo

Street art is not just tolerated but actually celebrated. The official Oslo guide even provides an interactive map on where to find the best murals. I think the couple of ones we found were already pretty amazing.

street art @Oslo

Besides the extensive waterfront Oslo also has a wild river going through the city. The Akerselva is compared to the Danube of course super puny but definitely more untamed. Really liked to listen to the water gushing by.

the Akerselva makes its way down @Oslo

Which other city do you know where you can feel like a winner? The Holmenkollen can be reached by metro and it’s the only capital with a ski jump.

Holmenkollen @Oslo

Oslo’s symbol is a tiger, totally weird and totally random one might think. Not so weird after all since the city’s nickname is Tigerstaden. It all comes from a poem and for the Norwegians it makes sense (read the explanation here).

the tame tiger of Oslo

All over Oslo there are sculptures. Not only in the Vigeland and Ekeberg parks but also everywhere in the city. Take care, some might bite. Yours, Pollybert

sculptures around Oslo

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