Ett Bord restaurant

No city trip is complete without testing a new restaurant. Oslo of course was no exception. I might have mentioned that I got sucked into the world of Skam and when I read that Even‘s parents had opened a restaurant I was all for it. The restaurant was also on a list of hot new places and it appealed to all of us.

Ett Bord means one table in English and that’s the concept of the restaurant. Everyone sits around one big table and it feels more like a family dinner. Except that the food is better presented. Therestaurant uses only local and organic products and offers a multi-course meal in the evening.

Now the Even (or rather Henrik) was a no-show but Carl Johan made more than up for (also he is probably more in our age-range ;-)). His German is excellent and he welcomed us as if we were guests in his own home. I really felt welcomed at his table.

dining table @Ett Bord

We opted for the three course meal accompanied by local beer. I am not sure what they serve here but that was the best beer we had in Oslo!

The first course was fish. I think it was first dried and then made juicy again, served with crumbly cheese and oven-dried tomatoes. The fish needed to get used to but overall it tasted fresh and flaky. The restaurant was super flexible, our non-fish eating friend got cured ham instead.

fish with fresh cheese and oven-dried tomatoes @Ett Bord

The main course was either fish or meat and I opted for the meat which was fresh elk (according to Carl Johan he delivered it just this morning). Elk has a very peculiar taste and needs to get accustomed to. Not sure if I need it every day but I liked the experience of it. The meat was served in a bowl with lots of fresh vegetables. Not the easiest way to cut a piece of meat though.

elk meat hidden under fresh vegetables @Ett Bord

My final course was dessert. I never could get used to finishing a meal just with cheese. But this is what’s nice when you dine with other people. Everybody is different. The cheese course was three different local cheeses, served with thin flatbread and fig mustard.

cheese course @Ett Bord

Apple made up the dessert in form of ice cream and sauce, served with caramel and chocolate crumbs. The combination was delicious, I liked the smooth, silky texture with a slight crunch.

apple, caramel and chocolate crumble @Ett Bord

The idea of sharing a table with strangers is a good one, even though we didn’t talk to anyone else. I assume more alcohol helps to lose some inhibitions. Service was great and very attentive, especially Carl Johan. The introduction to the restaurant and its concept in German made for a great start.

The dishes get their finishing touches in an open kitchen space within the restaurant, so you can watch the chef at work. All of this makes the restaurant very inviting. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the excellent beer! Definitely a place you want to try. Yours, Pollybert

Ett Bord
Vikaterrassen Ruseløkkveien 3, 0251 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 83 83 03
Email: /
Mon-Thu: 11:00 – 22:00, Fri-Sat: 11:00 – 23:00
(kitchen closes an hour earlier)

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