What I learned in Malta

Malta was a new country for me. Love it when I can cross another one from my list. Not that I won’t come back, just that I have finally been there. So Malta was a new experience. And as a new country it also gave me some new insights. Astonishing, no? It’s  country in the EU after all. Still, it is different and there was much to learn. So here is what I noticed while staying on Malta. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Some buses only have one entrance/exit and that’s the door in front by the driver. Which is super inconvenient when it’s the bus from the airport to Valetta. And when it’s full, you are in the back and want to get off. But at least Jesus heals while traveling on the bus.

Jesus can heal you while on the bus @Malta

2.) Houses have either and/or a name. I saw one with a gorgeous view on the harbor called “o.k. view”. That must be British humor.

3.) Jogging pants are apparently very hot there. Unbelievable how many guys were wearing them with no notion that they have done any sport in them (okay I also just use them for lounging but I wouldn’t wear them on the street even though I would love to).

jogging pants galore! @Malta

4.) The roads are terrible. Can’t the EU finance that? It does everything else.

5.) Coffee is super cheap (espresso 1,- €), same price as in Italy.

6.) Public transportation is cheap but also slow. Maybe that’s why the roads are terrible. It reminds a bit of the chicken and the egg.

7.) I saw my first multi-sex toilet in Malta. Can’t really remember what sign they used for the third sex, but it was there. I verified it again with my friend. Love how unconventional Malta is in a way.

8.) But on the other hand Malta is super religious. Nowhere else in my travels have I seen churches so full on Sunday. At any given time. Mornings and evenings.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral @Malta

9.) People still go to the beach in November. In their bathing suits. No joke!

10.) Jamie Oliver might have bad taste!

11.) Nothing beats having a drink outside in November.

Campari spritz at the lower Barrakka Gardens @Malta

12.) St. Joseph is very influential in Malta.

13.) Malta has lots of cats but only a few dogs. That was at least my impression.

Cat on a “hot tin roof” @Malta

14.) You can order too much cake. How is that even possible? I don’t know either but it can happen. I know now!

cakes from Fontanella Tea Garden @Malta

15.) No puny Christmas lights here. Malta goes all out! The streets are decked out in all colors.

Christmas decorations @Malta

16.) Parking sports get modified they way they are needed.

Parking the Maltese way @Malta

17.) Apparently the bust size of regular mannequins doesn’t correspond with the Maltese norm and needs therefore adaptions.

new and improved mannequin bust @Malta

18.) When the light is good my selfies come out better.

selfie next to the bell @Malta

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