Erich and Ulrich are two sister (or rather brother) eateries which offer amazing breakfast (read more about my breakfast here), drinks and a couple of dishes in the evening. I like that when you come early you always get a table since Erich has a no-reservation system. Also, if you don’t get a table at one place you can always try the other which is just around the corner. When the weather is warm both places have patio seating, just the perfect thing this time of year.

When I was at Erich the weather was cold and I was glad to get a table in a cozy nook in the back. My friend ordered one of the weekly specials, fried whole wheat dumplings with egg and salad on the side. It was served with extra pumpkin seed oil to dip the dumplings. The dumplings tasted a lot of the whole wheat bread, which she liked a lot as well as the dipping oil. A lot better when you can choose yourself how much oil you want to use.

fried whole wheat dumplings with salad @Erich

I ordered a healthier option, a salad bowl with Jerusalem artichoke and feta. The portion had exactly the right size, everything was fresh and tasty, personally I just found the girasol overwhelming. I know it was a salad with it, but I think it was my first time that I ate it raw and for me it was a bit much. The rest of the composition including the dressing was perfectly balanced though.

mixed salad bowl with Jerusalem artichoke @Erich

We shared a brownie for dessert which is the only way to eat it. It was rich, gooey and oh so chocolaty. But I couldn’t eat one alone, I would otherwise pass away due to “Death by Chocolate“. Definitely worth it though, exactly what the doctor prescribed on this cold and uncomfortable evening. Yours Pollybert

1070 Wien, Neustiftgasse 27
Tel: +43 1 8906400
Mon-Sun: 08:30-02:00

brownie @Erich

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