Coffee and cake at Parémi

Recently a new French bakery/patisserie called Parémi opened its doors in Vienna. If you know my love for sweet things you must realize that I had to make my way here. So on a Saturday not long ago I found myself waiting in line for coffee and a croissant.

waiting in line @Parémi

Coming inside you can see all the way back to the kitchen were the miracles happen. Looking for a table I saw that at the big community table in front seats were still available, while places in the back were reserved with jackets and hats. Clearly self-service here; signs on the tables also indicate that.

While waiting I inspected the fresh looking sandwiches which looked so enticing if you are in the mood for something salty. I ended up with a chocolate cake though after being set on a pain au chocolate. Maybe not the healthiest breakfast option but the choices were limited.

fresh sandwiches @Parémi

all kinds of heavenly cakes @Parémi

Too bad though that croissants and pain au chocolat are not always available then. I didn’t get any while I was waiting and neither were any available when I left. Unfortunately croissants appear to be a rare commodity here. Which doesn’t bode well for a French bakery. Hopefully these are just some opening troubles.

I ended up with a Moelleux. This rich, buttery chocolate cake is so filling that already after two bites I regretted not ordering it for takeaway. That is definitely not a breakfast option but rather a cake that you share with five other people.

coffee and Moelleux @Parémi

Of course I could have gone for the granola, a slice of bread with cottage cheese or one of the sandwiches. But greed is a flaw I confess to, so in a way I had no other choice.

I will keep you posted if I can get some croissants the next time. The baguette though, which I bought for home, was the best I have tasted so far outside of France, Québec and Vietnam. Trust me. Yours, Pollybert

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