Why Vietnam is always a great destination

What’s the best part about Christmas in Vienna? It’s the many little stalls which sell hot wine, the constant party mood of my friends, the actual partying and of course the easing of workload. All of it I left behind to spend the last week of advent and Christmas in Vietnam. And you know what, I didn’t miss it one bit because Vietnam is always a wonderful destination!

During my travels in 2015 I spent one month in Vietnam.  How I loved my time there. Not only is it a beautiful country, it also has amazing food, super friendly people, lots of culture, endless beaches and a pleasant climate. All of this I was looking forward to. The added bonus of warmer weather in winter made for a good enough reason to travel far away, even if it was just for two weeks. Warmish (compared to Vienna) in the north and really warm down south. Yeah, and this was the way we were following.

Since I had already been to Vietnam I organized the trip and especially the route. Traveling with my brother this time I wanted him to experience Vietnam the way I did. And to fall in love with it. Due to the weather in Hanoi being on the cooler side with 18°C we left after a coffee (and of course a good night’s sleep)

morning coffee and traffic @Hanoi

for Dong Hoi. Dong Hoi is a great starting point if you want to explore the Ho Chi Minh trail as we were about to do. We stayed overnight at the Beachside Backpackers hostel, a bit outside of Dong Hoi but right at the beach. In warmer weather it must be amazing while this time I could only admire the christmas decorations.

Christmas on the beach @Vietnam

The next morning we started our motorbike tour with Phuoc, an easyrider I already me two years previous. This time we would go up to Phong Nha first and I would meet the ‘girls’ from last time again. The friends you make on the road are forever!

reunion in Phong Nha @Vietnam

Following the trail for a day through lush green scenery we spent the night at Khe Sanh and drove amidst various stops along the way the next day to Hué.

along the Ho Chi Minh trail @Vietnam

The imperial city of Hué is a Unesco World Heritage site. It also achieves fame with its outstanding Bun Bo Hué, a pho-like soup but with a lot more spice.

Bun Bo Hué @Vietnam

From Hué it was only a short motorbike ride to Hoi An over the Hai Van Pass which is the weather divide in Vietnam (you can easily also go by train). The moment we were over the pass the weather became noticeable warmer. Hoi An is another Unesco World Heritage site which I visited extensively two years ago. It is nonetheless an outstanding town and always worth my time.

the city of Hoi An @Vietnam

When traveling in winter to Vietnam it is best to end your trip on a sunny note. Most of the times we were accompanied by overcast sky and sporadic rain. So my plan to fly out to Phu Quoc was just right. The island to the south of Cambodia has the perfect beach climate all your round. Yours, Pollybert

beach vacation on Phu Quoc @Vietnam

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