What I learned in Vietnam the second time around

Since this was already my second trip to Vietnam, I thought there wouldn’t be much to talk about here. But guess what, there is always something new to learn and remember. One day I will probably be a very wise woman. Until then I write down what I picked up on the road. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Next time I will bring my hot water bottle when I visit in winter. It is cold in the north and there is no heating anywhere.

2.) I get bored waiting for smokers to finish their cigarettes. Can’t believe I ever enjoyed that (not the waiting, the smoking).

3.) Ho Chi Minh trail is still fun a second time.

4.) Vietnamese food is at its best in Vietnam.

5.) I had the best fried spring rolls in Dong Hoi in the Tree Hugger Cafe.

6.) You can contemplate your life while watching Vietnamese coffee drip in your glass.

best coffee there is @Vietnam

7.) Always buy the local SIM card yourself. You will be annoyed when it stops working after a week, so at least you only have yourself to blame.

8.) Four days at the beach are the best ending to a road trip. Even with one rainy day.

9.) Hoi An changed a lot in the last two years and I am not sure for the better. I really missed my street vendor.

10.) I can still rock a bikini. Might have to go more running though.

11.) MBank is the only bank which gives you 5 Mio Dong at the same time.

12.) A 12 hour layover in Bangkok can be quite useful. Like going sightseeing at 7:30 in the morning. Or getting a pedicure for example. But next time I need to put the flip-flops in my hand luggage.

Sightseeing in Bangkok

13.) Nothing can substitute pho in the morning. It really is the perfect breakfast.

14.) People you meet on the road for a couple of days can still become friends you look forward to seeing.

reunion in Phong Nha @Vietnam

15.) Travel on December 31st. Chances are high that the plane will be empty.

Thai Airways on the way to Vienna

16.) I had a fantastic time with my brother. Definitely have to plan another family vacation in the future.

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