More impressions of Vietnam

Do you really think this was it with Vietnam? The country is way too beautiful and diverse to finish it off without an extra post full of pictures. I might have mentioned a time or two that this was already my second trip. And even though part of the trip was an exact replica of the previous one, it felt like a new experience. Probably because last time it was June, now I was there in December.

But two years are also a long time and the country has changed. And I might have forgotten how wonderful it was. Getting the chance to visit it with brother and showing him what I liked best, felt so good! Going to Vietnam is always a pleasure. Yours, Pollybert

upside down Christmas tree, think different @Vietnam

how to transport things, everything is possible @Vietnam

your regular morning in Phong Nha @Vietnam

enchanting light on the Ho Chi Minh trail @Vietnam

more examples on how to transport stuff @Vietnam

always beautiful Vietnam

always look out, all kinds of traffic on the road @Vietnam

this is how you grow a ficus @Vietnam

I wonder what this bottle is for @Vietnam

even on a motorbike you can hold an umbrella @Vietnam

all has to wait to go over the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang @Vietnam

never bicycle alone in Hoi An @Vietnam

food market hall of Hoi An @Vietnam

sun-kissed beach babes in Phu Quoc @Vietnam

just another typical restaurant @Vietnam

finally arriving in Hoi An after a day riding in the rain @Vietnam

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