The Northwest of Shetland

In Shetland the weather can change pretty quickly. It was great then to wake up to clear sky when we had a nature hike planned. Muckle Roe had been recommended by our host Leslie from The hike takes about an hour from the car park to the lighthouse. Two hours of walking around were exactly what we wanted. And probably needed after a good breakfast with this gorgeous sunrise.

sunrise from Fjarå Café @Shetland

The destination for the day was Muckle Roe, a small island which is connected in Brae with the mainland via a bridge. We followed the coast line until the end of the road and then parked our car for a short walk to the light house. It was only 2km but took us about one hour to get there.

walking on Muckle Roe @Shetland

The landscape was beautiful and we were so lucky to see the sun again that day. Everything looks so much better when the sun is out. That was also the reason to go the tour on this day. When there is sun, one needs to get going.

a small cairn with view on the sea @Shetland

walking on Muckle Roe @Shetland

wherever you go there is water @Shetland

more water on Muckle Roe @Shetland

The small lighthouse was not so impressive but the rugged coast around it a lot more. Instead of just turning around we figured we would make the big round. In the end we lost or way and walked almost in circles. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get back to the car and in between I got battered by such strong winds (click here to get an impression) that I thought I would take flight at any moment.

the lighthouse on Muckle Roe @Shetland

the rugged coast of Muckle Roe @Shetland

There was nowhere to get lunch so we decided to drive on to the Eshaness Lighthouse. The cliffs here seemed steeper and more severe and the water was extra fierce. Loved how the waves crashed into the coastline (see here).

the cliffs near the Eshaness Lighthouse @Shetland

walking along the cliffs near Eshaness Lighthouse @Shetland

The lighthouse was built by Stevenson (a relative of the Stevenson from Treasure Island). I thought this lighthouse looked more like I pictured one. If you fancy an adventure you can rent this lighthouse.

Eshaness Lightness @Shetland

Once up at Eshaness you can stop to take a picture of Dore Holm, which looks like a drinking horse.

Dore Holm @Shetland

Don’t forget to also take a picture of the Drongs of Hillswick. This is apparently a spectacular walk which needs brilliant weather though. It can be dangerous with too much. Not the right day for us then. By the way the little hobbit huts are for rent. Yours, Pollybert

the Drongs of Hillswick as seen from the Braewick Café @Shetland


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