Kayaking around Isabela Island

Isabela Island has a lot more to offer than just a bicycle tour around the village. After a sweat inducing morning doing just that, we had a kayaking and snorkeling excursion planned for the afternoon. Arriving at the shores right next to the “port” (a small wooden pier from where a water taxi picks you up to bring you to a little bigger boat with which you then cross over to other islands) the sea lions ignored us and napped underneath a tree. Something I would have preferred a lot more to kayaking. But that was not the case. We were still to go and I really don’t like it. You know why? Because I suck at it.

siesta time @Isabela Island

My fear was unfounded though because Sylvia turned out to be a master kayaker. She took matters or rather the paddle into her own hands and I was only taking pictures. Thanks again for this amazing experience! I so enjoyed it! Watch her in action here.

the kayaking queen @Isabela Island

There are a couple of mini islands (okay more like rocks which come out of the water) in front of the port and we stuck around there.

around the port of Isabela Island

The rocks are populated with all kinds of animals and of course you are not allowed to set foot on them. We circled them and I got a couple of nice pictures.

a pelican @Isabela Island

our guide showing us the way @Isabela Island

this could have been another dinner @Isabela Island

As you can see the weather was a bit unpredictable and eventually a wind came up as well. We decided not to go snorkeling. I wouldn’t have known how to ever get back in the kayak. Really, this is not a safe place for me.

What we did though was penguin watching. We waited and waited and I honestly believed that it was all a big joke. No true though we eventually saw two. Here is a little movie I made in which you can see them a lot better.

the penguins of Isabela Island

I was excited after seeing them. Who knew that the Galapagos Islands had even penguins. I thought it was just full of turtles. Which it is obviously. But there are lots of other animals as well. Back on land the sea lions were up and ready for a selfie. And a little movie, this is how I feel every monday morning!

sea-lion selfie @Isabela Island

okay, maybe we are still a little bit tired @Isabela Island

stretching @Isabela Island

After a day full of exercise a drink was in order and we walked into the village. As I said before there is not much to see and it looks as if a flood passed recently through.

the village of Isabela Island

Nonetheless the bars are okay with cold beer and a view on the sea. Yours, Pollybert

watching the sun set @Isabela Island


  1. Thank you so much for the kayaking-queen title 😚

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