Exploring the volcano Sierra Negra

After a very sporty day which included bicycling and being kayaked around Isabela Island we now had a short trek ahead of us. The volcano Sierra Negra is an active volcano and had its most recent eruption in 2005. So this short trek should be fun.

We drove about an hour from the village to the outskirts of the Sierra Negra. It was another overcast day and the perfect weather to start a trek. Very happy that it didn’t rain though because the path was more of a mud slide than anything else.

Along the way I was taking most of my flower pictures from the Galapagos Islands. Nature here has so much to offer, it was the perfect spot for looking a bit closer. When you do that you can also find some mushrooms growing out of sh*t.

a mushroom, not sure I want to eat that one though @Isabela Island

The trek is short, maybe a bit more than an hour and fairly easy. Only the muddy path proved to hard on the shoes.

on the way up of the Sierra Negra @Isabela Island

Once on top the crater is impressive with smoke coming out all the way at the end. Since the volcano is still active part of it has been closed off. Understandably so. The last time something happened it looked like this.

Sierra Negra when erupted @Isabela Island

Honestly I liked it way better active but not in full volcano mode. We looked so much more relaxed in the pictures. Check out the whole crater here.

Sierra Negra @Isabela Island

some of these clouds are actually steam from the volcano @Isabela Island

the caldera of Sierra Negra @Isabela Island

And then on the way down the mud path rally challenged my boots.

going down Sierra Negra @Isabela Island

Right around the corner from the volcano Sierra Negra is a cave called Cueva de Sucre. Now I have seen really gorgeous caves in Vietnam but this little cave is completely different. First of all the cave is small and there is no light except for the one you bring. So shining around with all our smartphones suddenly the world was no longer dark but bathed in gold. Yours, Pollybert

inside the Cueva de Sucre @Isabela Island

golden walls inside the Cueva de Sucre @Isabela Island

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