A walk through Naples

After spending an evening in the city and two-day trips in the surrounding area (Pompeii and Ischia) it was finally time to explore Naples itself.

This was easier said then done on May 1st. As I have already noticed on other occasions, May 1st is not the best travel day. Most of Europe has a national holiday on this day (hence perfect for a long weekend) but lots of public places like museums are closed.

Nonetheless we decided to start with a free walking tour which met right at Piazze Dante. How fortunate that it was outside my hotel. On the other hand we had picked a tour with a very knowledgeable guide whose English was incomprehensible. What a shame, I am sure he had lots to share but it was just not fun listening to him. But there are lots of other tours, so please don’t get distracted.

roaming the streets of Naples

In the end we walked the same areas as on the previous evenings only in daylight. The city was full of people (check out my video here), it is after all the second most visited city in Italy after Venice. Who would have thought? Looking at my pictures now I can tell you that I have not seen half of it and definitely need to go back to visit. Especially since I also missed the archeological museum which is closed on May 1st. Walking around was still fun although in some places it felt more like being pushed. Yours, Pollybert

bookstore alley between Piazza Dante and Piazza Bellini @Naples

Piazza Bellini @Naples

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore @Naples

Church Gesù Nuovo @Naples

another Piazza @Naples

a little green in between @Naples

help from above is always welcome @Naples

quiet terrace in the city @Naples

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